Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sprink Break

What's up Everyone. I know spring break is suppose to be one of those incredibly amazing times were us college students get to enjoy a week of relaxation and no class. Since arriving to the spring semester, we wait anxiously for this week to come, yet to some of us it hardly matters. That brings me to my point. Yes, we all know those wonderful professor who just love their students so much, I'm sure you know who I mean. These people have such a love for us that they don't want us to forget about them. So in an effort to be friendly, they assign us written papers during the joyous week of spring break, oh goody. I'm more than sure that all of you can now imagine the kind of glorious time I'm having right now. Instead of enjoying an awesome week of vacationing, I'm stuck here working on two papers during what was suppose to be my only good week. The only upside to this is...wait...there is no good upside to this, so like I said, this fun o fun week has turned to hell.
By the way, this being my first posting here let me announce the reason for this blog. For some time now, considering my situations in college, I feel like the world needs to learn about the bad times we all have in college. So, in an effort to tell the world your story and mine, I created this blog for those students who need to tell the world about their crappy day, week, month, semester, or year in college. So e-mail me your stories and I'll be more than happy to post it up here. Remember, this blog is not just for me, it's for all of you also.

This is Ed Quito writing for My College Life is A Bitch, keep in touch world.